The "My Cat is Peeing in the House and I've Tried EVERYTHING!" Course

... this QUICK and effective course works for cats that are pooping in the house too!


Are you sick of...

  • ruined carpets and floors
  • the horrible smell
  • puddles of pee and piles of poop
  • lots of Google searches, articles and failed attempts to solve the problem?

In less than 1 hour you'll learn the secret to FIX this problem for good!

I created this QUICK course for busy people that want access to solutions FAST.

I'm Suzi Moore, Certified animal behavior consultant with 35+ years experience - I know what's causing your cat's problem and I can teach you how to SOLVE it!

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"I have hope again! I just finished going through the "My Cat is Peeing in the House and I've Tried EVERYTHING!" course.

I am so impressed with how comprehensive the course is. Suzie Moore obviously knows her stuff and breaks the steps down into manageable pieces. I never would have thought of doing half of the things she teaches. This course is worth every penny and then some."

- Julie Bird

Are you going crazy with a cat that isn't always using its litter box?

It can be SO frustrating to find a puddle of pee or a pile of poop in your home.

It’s bad enough when the cat goes on your carpet… but it's even worse when they target your furniture, a pile of laundry, or even the backpack or shopping bag you left on the floor!

And if you have a child or another pet that can gain access to the mess, you know how complicated things can get - YUCK.

It might be so bad that you need to replace your carpet - but you worry it will just get ruined again!

I’m willing to bet that you’ve searched for answers in more than one place. You’ve probably read articles and blogs, or handouts from your vet. And I bet most of them kept repeating the same tidbits of advice.

This course can help you! Let's fix this!

  • You can clean or replace your carpet without the worry that the destruction will all just happen again.
  • You won’t have to worry about stepping on wet carpet (yuck).
  • You won’t find pee or poop on the stairs or on your couch.
  • You won’t worry that your guests will smell cat pee when they walk into your home.
  • And you won’t have to worry about your child or dog finding the mess…and, um… messing with it (double yuck.)

I found this course to be an incredibly comprehensive resource. Suzi has nicely organized the material and places an emphasis on all the approaches needed to address unwanted elimination behavior. This program is great information for all cat owners. Get ready for an enjoyable way to learn about cats and cat behavior.

- Louisa Beal DVM, Veterinarian; Behavior Consultant

This Course Has 5 Modules:

Module 1 - Important First Steps

We will go over 3 important first steps before you do anything else. One of those steps is to determine what is actually happening in your specific case so you can customize your treatment plan to fit your circumstances depending on whether your cat is urinating, spraying, pooping, or marking.

Module 2 - Discovering the 3 Pieces to the Puzzle

It's super important to understand that there are actually 3 different components that go into a successful treatment plan. We will start off with an overview of these components and then do a deep dive into each one in the next modules.

Module 3 - Understanding the Management Component

Tools - Equipment - Environment - Supplements - Medication
We'll go into detail in a deep dive covering the Management piece of the puzzle.

Module 4 - Understanding the Behavior Modification Component

You will learn about the multitude of things that influence your cat's behavior and exactly how to change that behavior. You will learn how to:

  • Identify what's causing a behavior (trigger)
  • Remove or change the trigger
  • Change the pet's response to the trigger

Module 5 - Understanding the Stress Relief Component

Even if your cat seems pretty chill most of the time, there's probably somewhat of a stress component to your problem. And if you have a cat that you already know is tightly wound, this will be even more important. You'll discover that something as insignificant as whether or not it's garbage pick-up day in your neighborhood (with all the accompanying bumps and bangs) can influence whether or not your cat has an accident that day.


We wrap it up with a synopsis of all the steps and pointers on moving forward!

Suzi Moore is a fantastic cat behaviorist. If you are at your wits end… seriously, this will change your life.

We had tried everything on Jackson Galaxy's list and nothing was working.

We owe everything to Suzi. She was committed to our happiness, and her determined efforts helped us find the solution. I'm inspired by Suzi's work! Thank you!!

- Niki N. with Xanadu - 8 year old rescue cat

This course offers the same information my private consultation clients receive!

You'll get in-depth strategy and specific treatment steps, going way beyond anything you have read in articles, blogs, or handouts from your vet. Whether your cat is peeing or pooping outside the litter box or is spraying or marking in the house, you'll learn a methodical, systematic approach to successful resolution.

Discover the biggest MISTAKES most people make that lead to failure (spoiler alert - one of them is trying everything under the sun in a "shotgun" approach... sound familiar?) and replace your previously unsuccessful attempts with a plan of action that addresses ALL THREE of the necessary (and often overlooked) treatment components.

Enroll now and let frustration be a thing of the past!

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Satisfaction Guarantee!
After completing and following the steps in this course, if you don't feel it has provided value to you a refund will be cheerfully given if requested within 30 days of your order.

Suzi is amazing. My cat is happy now! She's a miracle worker. I wish more pet owners knew about the services and education a behaviorist can provide to help a family with furry members who have poor behavior. Worth every penny!

- Suzanne R., with DotDot Dash - 9 year old American Shorthair Tuxedo Cat

Course Curriculum

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  Important First Steps
Available in days
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  Overview of the 3 Treatment Components
Available in days
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  Puzzle Piece #1 - The Management Component
Available in days
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  Puzzle Piece #2 - Changing Your Cat's Behavior
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  Puzzle Piece #3 - The Stress Component
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  Wrap up
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Your Instructor


A private behavior consultation with a behavior professional can cost hundreds of dollars. I should know... I AM that behavior professional! And I've been helping pet owners just like you for over 35 years.

With this course I've combined my experience as a Licensed Veterinary Technician, Dog and Cat Behavior Consultant, Cat Trainer, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Certified Tellington TTouch Practitioner, and Reiki Master to give you a whole new perspective on changing the behavior of the pets that share our lives.

My comprehensive course delivers the same high quality, effective information that my private clients receive, but at a fraction of the price!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about this information from what I’ve already read online?
Most of the advice out there is somewhat superficial and it definitely falls short of what is needed. There is actually more to the problem than just the litter box. This course identifies and addresses ALL the things that go into a successful outcome.
What else can I do if I’ve tried everything?
Plenty! First of all, most people who have “tried everything” have not gone about it in a systematic, methodical fashion. They have used more of a “shot gun approach” and have switched strategies every time a new tidbit comes along. With this course you will not only have a proven comprehensive plan, you will also be provided with a tracking system to really monitor your progress. And secondly, you will have entirely new strategies like giving the cat choices instead of just making changes, and thoroughly addressing the stress component of the problem.
When does the course start and finish?
You will receive access to all course material immediately, so you can get started right away! The course is composed of video modules that are no longer than 20 minutes each in length. You have instant access to all of the modules so you can control the pace of the course.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Is there a guarantee that this will work?
I absolutely want you to feel secure with your purchase! If you don't feel this course provided value to you, a refund will be cheerfully given if requested within 30 days of your order.

While I can guarantee your satisfaction with the course and can make this a risk free purchase, the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants code of ethics forbids behavior professionals from giving guarantees about the specific outcome of behavior plans. (section 3.5)

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